I will keep this short and sweet.

If 3 buildings blow up, while one of them, where the explosion started, is under construction and having a GAS pipe upgrade because the previous setup wasn’t big enough to supply the new renovations… and you surmise a theory that they exploded because someone conspired to blow it up for the insurance money, or that somehow it was a “controlled demolition”… you might ARE A FUCKING IDIOT.


-common sense over conspiracies

Summer on Cape Cod. What does that mean to me?

It means that every single person doing construction loses their mind, and switches from doing overnight work on main arteries to working on BOTH bridges all day during tourist season.




Dear Ladies, if you don’t want pictures of your vagina or panties taken in public… don’t wear clothing that exposes them IN PUBLIC! If i had a hole in my pants near my dick I would expect no less of people to look, stare, comment, and take pictures of it. The same goes with your low cut tops… i don’t see the point of making “upskirts” illegal. If you want to make it illegal to photograph people in public… fine… but don’t go around bitching about WHEN and WHAT you can photograph in public if photography in public is legal. kthnx



Dear tiny little gremlins that make facebook mobile apps,

You must be tiny little gremlins, because who the F%ck else would think that putting the check-box to invite someone to an event within a millimeter of the scroll bar so that every time I try to check a box, it scrolls down the list was a good idea??

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE… TEST YOUR SH!T before you release it. take it from google… when you want a check box you put it to the LEFT of the persons photo…COMPLETELY opposite the scroll bar… and why do you even have a scroll bar in a mobile app, you don’t need that many facebook friends and its still faster just to flick down the list on a phone. #grrridiots